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How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

This time of year is known for family meals and indulging in all types of holiday goodies. For some, workouts and fitness are the last thing on their minds —I’ll worry about losing what I gained in January, they may think. Or perhaps you are like others who find themselves in a bit of a predicament. You would like to stay on track with your fitness goals this month, but the upcoming meals and holiday treats are tempting. Staying fit during the holidays is all about balance, and we are here to share six tips to help you avoid overeating and to stay fit during the holidays.

Eat before you go.

It’s important to eat before you attend a party. At least fuel up on healthy snacks and water, this way you won’t go to the party hungry. If you go hungry, you'll eat whatever is available and likely overeat. Eat a little before attending a holiday event so you can enjoy the food in smaller portions and avoid overeating.

Drink plenty of water.

Drinking plenty of water is essential all year long.However, make it a focus to drink enough water during the holiday season. Dehydration may feel like hunger which inevitably leads to overeating. So, another way to avoid overeating this holiday season is to drink lots of water. You can even try to record the amount of water you drink throughout the day to help you stay on track.

Swap foods with calorie-wise alternatives.

Enjoy your favourite holiday meal with lighter options such as veggies or salad instead of rice or pasta. The lighter alternatives you try may become new staples for your holiday meal. We share plenty of nutritional tips on our social medias to get you inspired. You could even try recipes that support your fitness goals such as protein-packed brownies. Finding calorie-wise replacements allows you to have holiday treats without the extra calories.

Plan and Prep.

Schedule your meal prep and workout days. You do not have to throw your workout regime and dietary plans out the door. Create a schedule for your "cheat" days (the days you will allow yourself to indulge) and the days you’ll meal prep your healthy foods as well as days you'll exercise.

You may cut down on your usual exercise regime given the busy schedule of the holidays, and you’ll probably include more "cheat" meal days than normal. However, you need to plan your meals and exercise to avoid getting too far off your fitness goals. On most days, control your portions and make healthier food choices. This way when the "cheat" day rolls around, you’ll be able to loosen up a little.

Balance your meals with proper exercise. Take the initiative to look for gym accommodations when you’re traveling or make plans with a friend for mutual workout support and motivation. By planning, you can enjoy the holidays without fitness regrets the following month.

Do not skip meals.

Not skipping meals is essential to avoid overeating. If you have not eaten all day, you are more likely to overeat when presented with the opportunity. Try not to go to holiday parties starving as you will tend to overeat. By eating regularly you will avoid overeating and regretting it later.

Stay Active.

Those extra pounds aren’t going anywhere if you are not working out. During the holiday season, it can be tempting to lounge around. But couple that with overeating and it’s a recipe for a fitness disaster. Stay active by doing some of your favourite winter activities such as ice staking or skiing. Make a workout plan that includes high intensity training for a quick and effective workout session.

Stay fit this holiday season!

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