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Total Body Fitness Google Reviews

I have to thank you Ian for the time you took to get me on track. I hear your voice behind me every time I work out and am trying to get off easy. In particular I was thinking about you when I got on the scales and saw a number I have not seen in years, even lower that when you were coaching me. It feels great and I have you to thank for persevering. Much of it has to do with diet ( as you kept reminding me and I was only partially listening) Thank you Ian for what you did to incent me you may not realize what a positive effect it has. Peter V

This is a great gym for your personal training needs. Ian is very knowledgable and always full of energy to help you get through your workout! A very clean, comfortable environment as well.

So delighted I made the decision to join Total body fitness.This is exactly what I needed for so long but lacked the courage to do so. Ian is an excellent and knowledgeable trainer who has a passion for health and fitness. You'll never be bored with his workout routines,every session is different and challenging. He is extremely patient and always encouraging. Each session ends with me feeling very energized and motivated towards my goal of a complete healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend Total Body Fitness to anyone who is serious about a healthier way of living and even if you are not, try it.

I started taking the group classes after having a second baby, in hopes of getting in shape and improving my overall health. The fun and positive environment makes training something that I look forward to, and the results have been great as well.

Our son's played rep soccer together. I watched how Ian interacted with his son; as well as, how his son exhibited a certain 'confidence' when he played. My son started training with Ian and it has been an added boost to his 'confidence'. The kids look forward to training ... Ian offers a different variety at each session ... my son looks foward to the training each week and never wants the sessions to end. As a parent who never writes posts ... I can honestly give Total Body Fitness & Wellness the 5 stars it deserves. Awesome facility!

Hey this is Andy there is no words to describe or to explain how great Ian and the Total body fitness & wellness staff are.I happened to meet Ian and his son one day at a soccer game,after speaking to him and seeing the type of player his son is,I decided to bring my sons along with some of there team mates to his training. He ensured they had a comfortable and enjoyable work out, I was pleased to see the boys improve in strength and stamina. I highly recommend Total Body Fitness & Wellness .

I first learnt about Ian's Total Body Fitness from my son's girlfriend, Sarah. Shortly after she started working out with Ian I noticed a big difference in her body tone. Sarah's arms were seriously defined in a short time working with him. After serious complications from heart surgery I took Sarah's advice and called and talked with Penny. Penny was extremely professional and very knowledgeable after I explained what I had gone through. I was on many waiting lists to educate myself and assist me on becoming stronger physically to return to work. After waiting months I took it upon myself to initiate my own get stronger program. Ian was a big part of this. He met with me and outlined his program and from there he initiated to start right away. From a person that ran three miles a day and exercised regularly to my maximum this illness was a big set back. I had gained lots of weight and my confidence was really low. Ian gave me confidence and set me up to succeed. He encouraged me to exceed my limitations without risking my health. I started to look forward to fitness again and Ian really pushed me forward. After a short time I started noticing a difference in my clothes that were normally tighter. I also noticed that I looked forward to working out again. I may not be running three miles like I was before but my outlook is what is was then. I feel I'm on the road to recovery and I know it's all because of the encouragement and support I received at Total Body Fitness. Thank you Ian and Penny for your encouragement, for your support and your warm welcoming.

The road to Ian at Total Body Fitness started one Saturday morning when I was fed up with myself because I just couldn't start exercising and eating right. At the market heading to the cafe for a latte...I walked into Penny sitting smiling and inviting at the Total Body Fitness kiosk set up at the market. Well for me that was a message (lol). I signed up with group classes because I wasn't sure how I would fit in. The groups classes are awesome regardless of what your level of work out is. Private classes, are even better I take both group classes and private. With Ian's experience, energy he keeps you motivated. The results are fantastic. Weight and inches have been dropped at a HEALTHY pace. Strength and stamina is astounding. It feels so good to put on cloths that had stopped fitting. Ian does not give up on you. He manages to guide you into healthy weight lose and inches. His guidance through my journey of taking better care of myself has been absolutely fantastic. I am truly thankful to Ian, Total Body Fitness.

I have been with Total Body Fitness for 3 months and I love it. I have been trying to become a professional soccer player for a long time but my fitness levels were never good enough. Ever since Ian became my personal trainer, I did not only become fit physically, I also became a better person mentally. Ian knows what he is doing, being a personal trainer is like drinking water for him. It does not matter what size you are or who you are, I am a witness of Ian's hard work and dedication towards his clients. Ian makes sure you are enjoying you workouts even when you don't want to. If you are in need of a serious personal trainer who loves his job and does everything he can to get his clients fit, Ian at Total Body Fitness is the personal trainer for you.


I am an instructor for the Half Marathon and brought my clinic to TBFW for a presentation on Cross Training thru an invitation from Penny. We were greeted and then sat comfortably for a seminar on the benefits, which there was plenty of, about personal attention to our individual weaknesses and benefits that could be obtained under Ian's supervision. Earlier, Penny had suggested we bring our gym clothes and after our talk, Ian put us through a circuit, concentrating on warm up, upper body and core as we are runners, lower body wasn't high on our needs. We did two sets of two different circuits consisting of 6 exercises each, and it went quickly at 1 minute intervals, the entire time Ian made sure all of us did the movement correctly, and with appropriate amount of weight. It was tons of fun, the atmosphere was light with great music, lots of laughing and absolutely no intimidation. Some of the group are elite athletes, others had no experience in a gym at all. We all felt comfortable and focused solely on our own task at hand. In the end, even though some of us are capable of running Half marathons in back to back weekends, we still have work to do in getting in shape, which was pointed out to us in the initial presentation. Ultimately we will become stronger, faster and better athletes thru the concentrated efforts of Ian and Penny.



I have been working out with Ian for a few months now. My goal was to loose weight and improve my soccer game. I am half way to my weight loss goal and have dramatically improved my strength and endurance. Ian's quick, safe and efficient are motivating and focussed on results. He is positive and full of energy which makes our time together fun and inspiring. I would highly recommend Ian to someone just starting their fitness journey, or looking to take it to the next level. He is amazing with all levels of abilities.

Ian has been working with my son to improve his strength and endurance for soccer. In a short period of time I have noticed that he can easily push players off the ball, is more stable and is able to continue to play at a high level even when tired. I highly recommend Ian!! Thanks again for all of your hard work with my son! great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

Total Body Fitness is THE BEST place to exercise if you like a clean facility, private setting, tonnes of motivation and the most effective workout for weight loss and muscle toning. Ian makes sure I am performing every exercise properly so that I don't get injured and has even helped me strengthen areas that have helped me recover from my previous soccer injury. At first, I was reluctant to join because I was afraid of aggravating my previous injury but Ian is so knowledgeable that he is able to modify any exercise so that I can continue to exercise without being in pain. I have seen many people's lives transformed after coming to see Ian. Ian's unique training method together with the nutritional guidance I received, have helped me lose weight faster than I was expecting. As if this wasn't enough, Total Body Fitness has an artificial turf training yard where I received sports specific exercises which have helped me improve my performance in soccer. I can see why this place has won countless awards in Brampton, it truly is #1.

I am the first person to say I hate working out. I am not a fan of gyms and lack motivation to go. Working out at Total Body Fitness has definitely changed that! I have worked out with Ian for individual sessions, two-on-one and group classes and all sessions are different and exciting! His ability to work with individual needs (such as injuries) and continue to motivate is outstanding. Joining Total Body Fitness is like joining a family - working out in a small, private home environment and being surrounded by positive people, such as Ian and Penny, is great. Plus, the other clients I have worked out with are all happy to be working with Ian too, which makes for a positive atmosphere. Ian is very dedicated to his clients. If you are looking for someone who will treat you as 'just another client' then he is not for you. He is personally invested in your fitness success and will continue to devote energy and time to your end results.

I went to Total Body Fitness after my 3rd child. I was 50 pounds over weight and really just needed the help to get that after baby weight off. I called and I spoke to Penny and she was wonderful on the phone, so kind and really eager to help me. Ian and Penny helped me with a workout schedule and diet regime that made me loose 60 pounds in 6months. They really take the time to make this life change work for you. I am back at it with them just for the heck of it. I enjoy his group classes and it keeps me active and feel good. Ian is a great trainer and I would recommend Total Body Fitness to anyone. Join with him today!!!! Jenny

My wife and I decided to join Total Body Fitness over 2 years ago and I can say without exaggeration that our lives have changed for the better. Ian’s genuine enthusiasm has motivated us to maintain a healthy lifestyle which has resulted in significant weight loss for both of us, and for me personally, eliminated other health risks including stress and high blood pressure. Since we started working out with Ian, we have received so many compliments from friends and family who have marveled at our transformation. Training sessions are challenging but fun and Ian always listens to any concerns and modifies the exercise plan accordingly. If you are serious about achieving your maximum health and fitness potential, look no further than Total Body Fitness and let Ian guide you to be the best that you can be. Thanks Ian!

I attend classes / training sessions at Total Body Fitness & Wellness on a regular basis. Ian is an excellent trainer. He is very knowledgeable - and full of positive energy. He makes you feel comfortable and he makes sure that you have a good and enjoyable workout / experience. I highly recommend Total Body Fitness & Wellness. GK

Ian is by far one of the best trainers in the business. I have been with him for several years because he is just that good. He is personally committed to my success because when I am successful so is he. Ian takes his job seriously and gives every person he trains 110% every single session. If you are looking for a trainer who will guide you, stand with you, help motive you and lead you to your goal, then look no further than Ian at Total Body Fitness and Wellness. You have only weight and unhealthy habits to lose and a better quality of life to gain.

Total Body Fitness is suitable for every fitness level. I've been training with Ian for almost 2 years now. He is a great trainer! Perfect mix of energy, enthusiasm and motivation. He has modified workouts for my injured tail bone, knee, and shoulder. He is the trainer that genuinely puts his clients first. I highly recommend trying him out! You won't be disappointed! Keep up the great work Ian! :)

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